Artist Statement


My work explores the human experience that is rooted in honesty and truth through every day and natural depictions as well as abstract concepts. Realistic still life paintings are often how my work is experienced; however, I find creating fully abstract pieces relaxing to create that equally engages the audiences of my work. Utilizing acrylic painting techniques, the pride of my work is reflected in the details. In a world where curating a reality on digital platforms is commonplace, I invite a witness to my work to look closer at what is honest. In addition, I incorporate resin and gold in many of my pieces to evoke a feeling of opulence. My goal is to create statement pieces that “wow” the viewer.

The human experience is so diverse and full of opportunity to be reflected in dynamic ways. Music, as a medium of art, reflects the human experience and evokes a response of emotion and energy that can relate to our relationships with others as well as ourselves. It is through music that I am grounded, can sort through my feelings and find language. As a result, I can to explore the expression of art freely and music is greatly intertwined in my work often reflecting a recording artist or lyrics that resonate with me. Utilizing music as a catalyst, I’ve created pieces in the lowest and highest points of my life lending itself to allow me to be transparent. Getting lost in the details of a realistic still life or abstract painting allows me to face life’s challenges by channeling my energy in a reflective and therapeutic way.